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- Huun-Huur-Tu: 
They are perhaps the best-known Tuvan throat singing group to have popularized this art form in the west.

- Friends of Tuva: 
The brainchild of Ralph Leighton and the spirit of Richard Feynman, for all things Tuvan.

- Steven Sklar:
 An excellent khoomei instructional site, where you can join the Int’l Association for Harmonic Singing, based in Minneapolis. We met in Tuva in ’95 at the Int’l Symposium of Throat Singing.

- Finnish Throat Singing Society:
They hold the annual KIEKU throat singing festival, (Helsinki) which I performed at in ’01.

- Michael Emory
A user-friendly instructional site from this artist who has developed some rather amusing variations.

- Jim Cole & Spectral Voices
A fellow harmonic singer and choir with a beautiful ambient sound.

- Yat-Kha
A Tuvan underground rock ensemble pushing the boundaries. We met at a show in Toronto where I opened for them. Wild!

arrow icon - Genghis Blues
An Academy award nominated documentary about Paul Pena’s journey to Tuva in ’95 for the Int’l Symposium of Throat Singing.

arrow icon - Mark von Tongeren: 
A great throat singer and ethnomusicologist from Amsterdam, with a new authoritative book. We met in Tuva in ’95.

arrow icon - Jonathan Goldman: 
A writer of many books, specializing in the healing aspects of sound and voice. He founded the Sound Healers Association.

arrow icon - Michael Ormiston:
A specialist in Mongolian throat singing from the U.K.

arrow icon - Oberton Seiten: 
Wolfgang Saus is a throat singer from Germany.

arrow icon - Christian Bollman’s Overtone Choir: 
A fourteen-voice group with a meditative sound.

arrow icon - Ken Hyder: 
A real innovator, with eclectic cross-cultural shamanic jazz.

arrow icon - Sarah Hopkins
An Australian singer/musician with an extensive career in holistic music.

arrow icon - Laurel Murphy: 
A diverse singer and teacher of vocal improvisation from Vancouver.

arrow icon - Rhiannon: 
A wonderful vocal artist from California who has worked with Laurel Murphy, Bobby McFerrin, and Linda Tillery

arrow icon - Different Lands:
Independent label devoted to jazz, electronic, ethnic and contemporary music, toward the wider concept of world fusion.

arrow icon - Stuart Hinds:
An accomplished polyphonic overtone singer and composer from Texas

arrow icon - Kind Web:
Search for music, activism interests, art, etc.

arrow icon - We Sound Like:
Search for new music that sounds like your favorite artists.

arrow icon - The Music Pages:
Referral service for musicians.

Music SUBMIT is an excellent referral site for musicians that submits your website and press releases to various music search sites, internet radio and regular radio stations, and provides follow up reports on a weekly basis. here to contact Kiva

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