Imagine: Jane Siberry meets Bobby McFerrin and Lisa Gerrard, riding over the central Asian steppes on a magic carpet, woven from exotic threads from many lands. Bell-like overtones echo off the hills. The tribes are dancing joyously to rhythmic textures as if they were brand new traditions, as she unites the world in harmony, demonstrating in song all that we share in common.

Kiva is a Canadian overtone singer/ keyboardist with international recognition as a western pioneer in world beat/ jazzy pop/ experimental genres. She is well known for her harmonic overtone singing, a technique in which two pitches are produced simultaneously. Her diversified career, beginning in 1978, was preceded by classical and jazz piano training. The early professional years included stints in several rock, pop, country and R & B bands.

Later on, she performed extensively as a solo act, including a jazz circuit in Japan. As a writer, she cites influences from a wide variety of artists: Jane Siberry, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Ferron, Yma Sumac, Claude Debussy, Bobby McFerrin, Bjork, Sun Ra, Imogen Heap, Tanya Tagaq, Sheila Chandra, Lisa Gerrard, Bulgarian women’s choirs, East Indian classical, and Tuvan singers.
Ongoing attention for her innovations in harmonic overtone singing has led to some unusual performance situations. International appearances have included: Atlantykron Conference in Romania ('11), the International Polyphonic festival of Albania ('08), the RESPECT World Music festival in Prague, CZ ('08), guest vocalist with orchestra 'Olla Vogala' in Brugge, Belgium (’02), main stage artist at KIEKU throat singing festival in Helsinki, Finland and Nordic House in Reykjavik, Iceland (’01), and only foreign female artist at the International Symposium of Throat Singing in the Republic of Tuva, Russia (’95).

She was also world tour member with the Crash Test Dummies at the height of their fame, in support of 'God Shuffled His Feet' in ’94-‘95, where she demonstrated overtoning at each concert. Venues included the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London, and appearances on Saturday Night Live and The Late Show with David Letterman in New York City. here for more

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