- '08: The Quality of Light, Live Ullmann
(lyrics & melody by Kiva, backup vocals)

Bullet - '08: Waiting for Catherine, The Ormidales
(backup vocals)

Bullet - '04: Pulse, Kiva
(composer, keyboards, vocals, co-production)

Bullet - '01: Sin and other Salvations, The Wyrd Sisters
(Juno nominated, Prairie Music Award for best roots recording, -keyboards, backup vocals)

Bullet - '98: The Ladder, Kiva
(composer, keyboards, vocals, co-production)

Bullet - '98: Circle of Days, The Ring Cycle
(harmonic overtoning, improvised vocals)

Bullet - '97: Dancing with the Living, Strange Angels
(keyboards, backup vocals)

Bullet - '96: Moksha, The New Millennium Orchestra
(harmonic overtoning)

Bullet - '96: It's All Right, Xiao Ping Lee
(producer, arranger, backup vocals)

Bullet - '94: Live in Poughkeepsie, Crash Test Dummies
(keyboards, backup vocals) here to purchase Kiva's CDs

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