Heal and Howl
kiva simova

A voice like chunks of pastel child's chalk dipped in potent manuka honey, sprinkled with threads of finest saffron, setting off serenely down a river destined for a waterfall of emotional intensity.

Think Jane Siberry meets Bobby McFerrin and Lisa Gerrard, and they set off on a magic carpet ride through exotic lands, with hair raising overtones resounding off the hills.

Prague based, Manitoba, Canada born Kiva Simova continues to expand the horizons of western overtone singing (two pitches simultaneously from one voice), as a pioneer bringing these skills into the realms of eclectic jazzy pop/ experimental/ world/ alt singer songwriter. While playing keyboards and sucking on slippery elm bark.

On this site, you may get acquainted with a diverse body of work that stretches musical and geographical boundaries in surprising ways.

  • The brand spanking new (third) CD- The Quality of Light
  • Second CD- Pulse
  • Debut CD- The Ladder
  • As an improviser, collaborating with many other artists, in live performance, recordings and soundtracks. Videos and links at bottom of music page
  • As an overtone choir composer and conductor, with 8 FREE original scores for choral directors at bottom of overtone singing page
  • As a solo touring artist, offering workshops (for booking details, go to the EPK page)
  • A comprehensive online overtone singing course, details to be found on the overtone singing page

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*** Kiva's all time best recipe collection & e-book 'Crash Test Passenger' (as side member of Crash Test Dummies world tour '94)
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    ***Take note that the first 2 CDs, The Ladder ('98), and Pulse ('05) were released under the name Kiva. From now on, she is to be known as Kiva Simova, with the release of The Quality of Light.